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Since 2020, many of us have gained technology skills we never anticipated. It may not have been comfortable, but it was necessary. Instead of shedding those skills, we encourage you to embrace them and put them to good use. This is why we've partnered with RightNow Media to provide you access to a wide array of digital content ranging from Bible studies to faith-based videos for kids. Registration is free. So, sign up now and begin a learning journey of your own!

TO SIGN UP: (1) click the RightNow Media logo below OR (2) text the code ZLCNC to number 49775 to receive a text back welcoming you to RightNow Media and providing an invite link to register. You can access content from just about any internet-capable device (phone, TV, tablet, computer). 


We've been part of the community since before 1790. Some who worship here trace their heritage back to those early days. Others came as recently as last year or maybe even last week. Regardless, Zion has been and continues to be a congregation that quickly becomes the "home church" many have been seeking. We hope to be that for you, too, so we become part of your story, your family's story - perhaps for generations.


If becoming part of our family is something you'd like to explore,

talk to people you meet here or just ask our Pastor.

Welcome to Zion!



Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

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